Nearly five months after our first launch on July 10, 2013, the capsule has been found! We’re still awaiting full details, but the capsule was found near Troy, NC, which is about half way between Durham and Charlotte.

Here are the first pictures we have been able to retrieve from the on-board camera.

UPDATE: 12/17

On December 3, 2013, First Library in Space Tech Lead Rodney Radford received a cryptic phone call. “I found your package; call me back,” said a voice he didn’t recognize, and then the caller hung up. At first, Rodney thought it was a prank call or perhaps a telemarketer, but he decided to call back anyway, and we were lucky he did.

The call came from a couple from Troy, NC, who it turned out had stumbled across the library’s payload while checking on a downed tree on their property near the Uwharrie National Forest. The couple, who both have aeronautical backgrounds, were intrigued by the computerized payload that had obviously parachuted to earth, and were very willing to meet with us to return the capsule so that they could find out just what it was.

On December 4, Rodney and North Regional’s Casey Nees drove to Troy, NC to retrieve the payload and meet the couple, who had numerous questions – especially after they saw the First Library in Space website. We were just as excited to not only retrieve the computer and camera portions of the rig, but also a set of stickers and patches that rode into near space with the balloon.

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